Hello to all the Pastafaris out there. Believe it or not, I got up in the morning today, saw some religious people post grand pronouncements in atheist blogs which pissed me off and I wanted to post some choice atheist revelations of my own. But to my horror I realized there were only a very few grand pronouncements for Pastafaris. Let's face it, even though the Gospel of the FSM is the utter truth, it is based upon refutation and it does not really contain the grand language of revelation. While thinking about it, I felt the noodly appendage of the FSM upon my head and lo! behold the miracle: the Pastavad was revealed in a few hours.

I am certain this document will now equip all Pastafaris with powerfully grand pronouncements to throw at false believers. Indeed this text contains secrets about the universe that was known to Pirates since thousands of years but they were suppressed by the followers of heretical beliefs given their dominance over Pirates. As revealed to me by the FSM, he had already given this text to ancient Pirates but the Hare Krishnas, completely suppressed it and stole parts of it to name it the Bhagavad Gita. But since the coming of Henderson, this knowledge is again coming into light and I hope to see intelligent commentary about the content of these revelations. It is a wonder that the text talked about advanced theories like the earth being round and string theory 5,000 years ago. Now which other false holy book can claim such knowledge? I am sure supporters will find more truths in it as they dig into its real meanings.

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    One day I was suddenly touched by the FSM and I created this blog to spread the good news.


    April 2012